Description Edit

Griffin 2

A rarer sub species of the standard griffin, the arch griffin is known for their slightly calmer temper and drastic changes

when reaching adulthood. Folklore and tales have left them with worse reputation than the more aggressive standard griffin, calling them the cursed griffins, even so their feathers are highly sought after, said to contain traces of magic that can heal the bearer. Though studies during the late Middle Ages have shown this information to be false, there's no magical properties working these feathers.

Physiology Edit

Like it's more common variation it's part feline and part eagle, though their feathers turn black as they reach maturity. They also lack outer ears, something that doesn't seem to affect their hearing because of the larger cavities inside the cranial structure.

Psychology Edit


Variations Edit

The Arch Griffin is a rarer sub species of the standard Griffin and a cousin to the Royal Griffin.

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