Description Edit

Name: Ryu Uragira Akuma. (Dragon betrayed fiend.) 

Nicknames: The Grim Reaper, the man in the black hood, Death. 

Born: 126 AD

First concept by afrocream-d8a9ksy

Appearance: Ryu's immortal and no matter how many centuries pass his appearance doesn't. He's a young caucasian male with dark brown hair, usually cut short in a wild spiky fashion or reaching down to his shoulders in a mess, while his eyes are blue and cold as ice. Physically well fit with a slender but muscular body and standing at 1,8 meters tall (5'9 feet.)  He usually wears his armor comprised of otherworldly materials, it's black as night and covers his face with a mask. The chest plate and other metal parts are lighter than the dark cloth and usually he covers it in a black robe. 

Personality: Driven by his goals and instinct the cursed man is known to be very cold hearted and cruel. Said not to show the slightest remorse for the life he shreds. But this is not entirely the case, those who know him from other than the rumors and legends knows that there's more to him than meets the eye. For unknown reasons he's been known to protect villages while attacking others and he's been known to follow his own code of honor. 

Affinity: Neutral.

Early Life Edit

Background: The Grim Reaper, the man in the black hood, Death. He is known by many names, a myth, a legend told since times forgotten. From ancient times to modern day his legends have been told around the world, spreading like wildfire across the realm of man. Though there might be differences from place to place, time to time and story from story there's no doubt it's him. Every man, woman and child knows the stories, some believe the stories are true, that this spirit of death is out there waiting for them. Others shrug it off as ancient tales and bedtime stories. But like so many legends and myths this well of stories bottoms in truth, but these tales are far from the truth. He's no god of death, no angel of mercy coming to liberate us, nothing but an unfortunate soul cursed to forever walk the face of the earth. 

The story of Ryu is a sad one, abandoned by his parents for unknown reasons he was left to die in the dark forests of ancient Japan.  But fate had other plans for him, far worse than the chilling embrace of death. Found by a clan of assassins known as the Kokuryū, the Black Dragons. They took him in as one of their own, to train him, to make him a killer. They named him Ryu after their clan and the day the boy took his first steps they begun his training and he would have to live by their ways: no weakness, no mercy. Every failure were punished, every sign of weakness put out. Almost every night the young boy would go to bed with new wounds, marks from sparring, whips and open wounds from blades that would cover his body.  At the age of six the grandmaster handed him a short blade, unscripted with the symbols meaning "No mercy", and told him to kill their prisoner. When the young boy couldn't bring himself to do it he got beaten for showing weakness and so it continued until Ryu killed the man, just like he'd been told. 

As years passed the young boy grew, at the age of fourteen he killed his first man in unarmed combat, not even wincing at the wounds he sustained during their encounter neither from the fact he was responsible for the corpse in front of him. Now he were like one of his brethren, a cold hearted killing machine, blindly following the orders of their master. Well, almost. The young boy kept one secret from his grand master, a friend. Her name was Reiko which meant "lovely child", but people usually called her Imi because of her ability to give "meaning" to everyone. He'd first seen her playing outside the clan walls, a week later he'd met her while he were running errands in the city and now she'd become the only friend he'd ever had. 

As time passed their friendship evolved, in time it matured into a relationship, young love. The two continued to meet up without the clans knowledge, for the first time in his life Ryu felt like his life actually meant something, he felt.... Happy.  But soon after his twentieth birthday, on a day like any other before, Ryu found Imi's home thrashed and the love of his life gone. Furious he stormed back to the clan, knowing they were responsible for what happened. Anger and hatred boiled inside him as he burst through the gates to the throne room, only to face his masters cruel smile and a blade against Imi's throat. 

She would've been dead already if it wasn't for a small detail, the grand master needed him, his best warrior. The deal was simple, he would spare her life, their lives, if Ryu could get something for him in return. A chest, that was all that he was told. What seemed odd was that he wanted the heavy chest and that Ryu wasn't allowed to open it, but the young man couldn't refuse. He promised Imi he would return with the chest and save her life before leaving the clan, venturing over land and sea on his quest for this so precious artifact.

Hours turned into days, days into weeks as he traveled halfway across the globe, finding himself standing at the porch of the Vatican. For so long these worshipers of light had been interfering with his clan, for so long they've been fighting back the darkness. He snuck past the guards into the Saint Perer's tomb, every step making his heart sink even lower in his chest. He could hear the voices from the two guards guarding the chamber around the corner, his hands instinctively slid down to the daggers at his waist, he'd done this so many times before. A sidestep in the corridor, two simultaneous throws, two guards lying dead on the floor. He didn't feel remorse anymore, not since the day his first kill. Love, happiness, but not fear or remorse. He walked past the dead men, into the vault containing the chest. It stood on a pedestal like it's been a gift from their God itself. In a moment of weakness he couldn't help opening it, after all, what could be so important the grandmaster would trade Imi's life for it? Inside he saw something he'd never thought he'd see inside holy grounds... A flame red as blood, floating in the air. He didn't have time to wonder what it was and how something that looked like magic could exist within the walls of a organization who's been trying to destroy it since it started. The red flame jumped out of the chest, hitting his torso with force enough to send Ryu backwards into the wall and he could feel the world around him turn black. 

A bucket of water poured over his face threw Ryu back into consciousness, his head still aching and his ears couldn't quite make out what his captors were saying.  He opened his eyes, his first sight were the strange burn marks at his feet, his second were his grandmaster and the third the chest lying empty beside him. Confused he looked around only to find himself in his clans tribe room, months on horseback away from where he'd passed out. Four men were holding him down as two other brought Imi into the room, pushing her to her knees as Ryu screamed at them to stop, plead to the grandmaster to spare her. But he didn't listen, the grandmaster put his sword down her throat. That's when Ryu felt it, the flame, the blood red flame inside him awoke. The men holding him flew across the room as rag dolls and the grandmasters body burned in front of him, ten seconds, that's all it took for him to kill the men who trained him and that's how long it took for him to extract his revenge. 

Sadness and grief grasped his heart for the first time, he was alone in a world were his only reason to live laid dead before him. It wasn't hard for him to make the decision, he plunged his blade into his stomach, laying down beside Imi to welcome the chilling embrace of death. But it never came, his wounds healed wishing the hour and not not even a scar was left to be found. Ryu's wish to die grew stronger, he threw himself off the side of the building but awoke hours later. His cracked skull healed, his body without a scratch. Despair caught his mind as he maid his way to the closest volcano, bringing the cursed chest with him, letting himself and it fall into the molten stone inside the crater, he didn't care about the pain but welcomed the darkness when it finally grasped him. 

But not even this proves to be his end, as he woke up inside a small cave. Surrounded by demons, bony, starving creatures he'd never seen the likes of. But despite their appearance they wasn't hostile, they gave him water, shared their limited supply of the moss that served as their food and told him the story of their world. How their ruler, Ashátok had ruined their world and how they were forced to live in the cave storing the worlds energy. How he were the source of Ryu's curse.  Ryu's anger now boiled, he promised their leader he would return their kindness and noticed the chest had followed him all the way to this world. He stormed out of the cave to challenge the demon lord.  They fought for hours before Ryu finally managed to decapitate the demon, bringing its head back to the cave to lock it into the very same chest that's been containing his curse for so long. Now the lord were trapped, forever alive without a body inside the chest that trapped his powers with him. The other demons thanked him, but things didn't change, Ryu were still cursed, the demons still trapped in their dying world. But Ryu wasn't, he could travel back to his realms since he wasn't native to this realm. He opened a portal and promised the demons he would find a way to bring them to his realm so they could live in peace, without starvation or being trapped in a cave because the world above was unsuitable for life. 

Since then Ryu has been wandering the world, saving money to build a society his demonic brethren and collecting information about how to free them. His unending life now had a purpose again, a reason to carry on. Since that day the rumor of a reaper, a immortal harvester of souls started to spread over the realm of man. No one knew who he was or how he looked, but that's what separates legends from truths. 

Powers and Abilities Edit

Hellfire: He can freely control and create hellfire, manipulating it to his will. His most common techniques is a protective fire barrier, engulfing himself, his fists or his weapon it fire to enchant his attacks and launching pure fire as either a ball or a blast. 

Earth control: He can control earth almost as freely as his hellfire and even combine the two. He mostly use this power to create walls or barriers for defensive purposes but also to launch earth spikes and trap his opponent in the ground. 

Telekinesis: Ryu is not a master on the art but he knows how to use telekinesis to love things with his mind, even though he's skilled enough to use it in kombat it often leaves him open to attack from the sides since he's focusing too much on the ability itself. 

Short range teleportation: Ryu's hellish powers allows him to teleport short distances, mainly by setting himself ablaze and reappear at his destination in a burst of flames. 

Creating portals: By burning his insignia onto a surface he can create portals and these insignias will permanently stay on both side of the portals even after they're gone. These portals can take him anywhere on earth or to his own realm. 

Summon weapons: Ryu can summon weapons, mostly ones he can use as side arms when using his main weapon. These weapons are limited to his imagination but the most common weapon is the kunai, his Asian throwing daggers he can use to attack from afar with. 

Summoning Hellspawns: Ryu has the ability to summon demons from the realm of Ashátok, these varies from the humanoid and intelligent demons who's staving in the Tear of Ashátok to the few demonic creatures who's been able to adapt to the harsh environment outside the cave. 

Smoke form: Ryu can dissolve his body into a controllable smoke, making him untamable for the duration. This power required a lot of focus and if it's broken he will return to his solid form, it also drains him of a lot of his energy. While in this form he cannot attack and needs to solidify to do so.

Immortality and improved healing: Ryu is immortal, his body is able to regrow entire limbs and organs and heals much faster than normal humans. A broken leg can heal within the hour, a lost arm can take days and the more he's injured the longer it will take for him to heal. But being immortal doesn't mean e can't be killed, if Ryu would sustain damage to high for his healing factor to both be able to heal him and keep his body alive, his body will return to the realm of Ashátok where he will be healed and even if his body is completely destroyed it can be reformed there.

Enchanted strength, speed and agility: Ryu is far faster, stronger and agile than a normal human, capable of amazing parkour feats and lifting objects weighing up to two tons without to much effort, like a standard car. 

Enchanted Senses: His senses have been sharpened to the point it's no longer human. Sight, hearing and smell have been improved enough to make him an excellent hunter and tracker.

Demonic Sense: One of Ryu's most useful abilities, it allowed him to take in the environment with a greater perspective. His instincts automatically highlights important areas or items in his direct proximity and can also help him "see" scents, as well as allowing him to see things others can't, like small remains of washed away blood. While Ryu's demonic senses are active his ice blue eyes turn yellow. 

Tracking: Ryu is an expert tracker, by studying his environment for clues like footprints or blood he's able to get information and find his target. His skills are good enough for him to tell the differences between sub species while tracking them, all by studying the tiny clues and the help of his demonic sense. 

Martial arts mastery: Ryu is a dedicated martial artist, in his early life from his childhood to before his curse he mastered the two martial arts of his clan. The Ansatsuken (the assassins fist) and the Ryu ken (Dragon fist), both known to be deadly and brutal ninjutsu styles. During his immortal life he's been mastering several other styles such as Kung fu and TaeKwon Do.

Dragon style ninjutsu: More commonly known as the dragon fist, it's one of his two main fighting styles and it's a well balanced and all rounded style that mostly focus on explosive attacks and turning the opponents attack back against them. 

The assassin fist: The Ansatsuken is Ryu's second main style and it's focused around killing blows. Armed or unarmed it's purpose is to kill the target with as few hits as possible. It targets weak spots such as pressure points, the few defensive moves this style has is also made to instantly kill the attacker by countering their attacks. 

Rope darts and kusari gama: Ryu's main weapons in the clan were the rope dart and the kusari gama. One a rope with a knife in the end and the other a sickle with a chain and a weight in the other end of it. With these weapons he can fight in both close and mid ranged combat, often switching between the two by jumping around, pulling his opponent in by impaling a limb or by using other techniques to control the flow of the battle.

Stealth: Being a trained assassin, Ryu has mastered the arts of stealth and can stalk his target for days without being noticed.

Archery: Ryu's is a master at archery, often using a bow and arrows he summon himself. He rarely miss his mark, even if it's moving at high speeds or in unpredictable manners.

Throwing weapons: knives, axes, shurikens. Ryu can hit practically anything with throwing weapons that he usually conjures himself. 

Bounty Hunting: Even a cursed man is in need of money, to save his demonic kin Ryu is saving up a capital to start his own settlement.  Bounty hunting is a perfect use for the only talents he'd learned in life. Even so his mostly killing monsters, bandits and other things threading peaceful lives. 

Alchemy: Ryu often use his skills in alchemy to create phosphoric bombs, potions or oils that can give him advantages in combat.

Magic trap: This is the only magical spell Ryu knows, it creates a magical circle that lets him attack and hit wraiths, specters and other creatures that are otherwise intangible. 

Resistance to dark and blood magic: Since he's cursed with demonic powers he has a natural resistance to the black arts.  ___________________________

Reaper form: Ryu can transform into a slightly larger skeleton, armed with a scythe and dressed in a dark cloak. Often being called the True Reaper, in this form he's stronger and faster but lose all of the powers he have in his human form to gain new, different ones. While in this form Ryu is mute, usually communicating by small hand gestures or his illusion powers. 

Changing Size: In reaper form Ryu can change the size of his body, his normal stature is slightly larger than a tall man but he can go from how short he is in his normal form to an astonishing 60 meters. The flaw however, is that the more his size and strength increase, the slower his size appear to move. Therefore he usually tries to match the size of his opponent. 

Summon the undead: While in his reaper form, Ryu can summon and reanimate the dead within the area. Wether it's a rat, human or dragon it's remains will serve the reaper until he return to his normal form or take to much damage. The undead are often slower and clumsier compared to when they were alive but incredibly durable. 

Shadow/cloak manipulation: In this form Ryu is able to manipulate his cloak and the shadows around him, this replaces his powers over flames and allows him to attack from all angles with swift and deadly strikes. 

Shadow beasts: The Reaper can temporary summon beings made out of the shadows around him by manipulating the shadows, these creatures take shapes of humanoid or dragon like creatures. Even if they're made out of shadows they're incredibly fragile, one hit on a vital point will kill and dissolve the creature, making them less durable than both the undead and the demons Ryu can summon in his normal form. In terms of speed they're equal to the faster demons. 

Illusions: In his reaper form, Ryu is able to establish a mental link between his opponent and himself by finding a backdoor to his mind. A feeling of despair, fear or doubt, anything that will break his opponents focus is a door into his mind.  When inside he can summon illusions of their worst nightmares, their biggest fears and worst memories will be Ryu's to summon. And even though these illusion can't kill or hurt anyone, they can distract someone from the swig of a scythe.  The mental link can be broken if the victims mind is strong enough to focus on the battle and push the Reaper out of his mind. 

-Illusion voice: When linked to a victim, the Reaper can "talk" to him through his mind. The whispering voice of death send chills down their victims spines, like the unreal voice would be able to freeze their blood.  ___________________________ Weaknesses:

Holy weapons/light magic: The struggle between light and dark, holy and unholy is never ending. But contrary to many beliefs, the light is not stronger than the dark forces itself, instead they're balanced, weighing each other out. This means that Ryu's dark powers can repel spells that are weaker than his own dark powers while those stronger than his can cause serious damage, to the point were he will be sent back to his realm to regenerate from only one hit. 

Lousy marksman: Even if Ryu's a skilled archer and good with arrows, he's useless with guns. He never learned how to use them properly and thinks there's no honor in using them. 

Equipment Edit

Equipment:  The Scythe of Ashátok: After severing the Demon lord's head, Ryu forged a blade from Ashátok's jewelry and and attached it to the lord's spine. The weapon is unbreakable and the enchantments allows it to shift into any scythe or sickle based weapon Ryu can imagine. Ryu can summon this weapon from anywhere, making it impossible to steal, like his other weapons. 

Steel blade: Ryu often carries a sword with him, usually a one handed European sword or a katana. 

Silver blade: Ryu also carried a one handed silver blade with him, strapped to his back this medieval sword is meant to be used against monsters and werewolves. He eventually stopped carrying it since monsters got rarer and rarer, in modern tea they're nothing but myths and people doubt they've ever existed. 

The armor of Ashátok: Ryu also took the cloak and and melted down Ashátok's jewelry to make a armor of his own, this armor is incredibly durable and able to regenerate itself after every fight. 

The Compendium: The compendium is set of books containing four magical books that magically update their content with information from books on relevant subjects. Even though they only update them self with information from reliable sources they aren't always right, therefore some information in the compendium can be inaccurate.  -The Herbalist: This book contains information about all plants, how to find them and their effects in alchemy. With this books help Ryu can better prepare poisons and oils to aid him in upcoming battles.  -The Lore: This book contains information about history, maps and personal profiles. With this Ryu can get a basic idea of where he's going or who he's really talking to.  -The Bestiary: Of the four books this is probably the most important one to Ryu. It contains information on every creature, monster or mythological being, along with weaknesses and how to face them. Ryu often reads this book to prepare himself for a upcoming fight.  -The craftsman: This book contains everything from recipes in alchemy to blueprints and guides on how to make swords. Ryu use this book to make simple weapons he can Enchant for special purposes.

Dragon Blood: One of the few demonic races still alive in Ashátok's realm are the dragons, as the realm got warmer their natural heat resistance in time evolved and allowed them to survive in this hellish environment. They survive by consuming the minerals on the bedrock and lava of their realm. Ryu always carry a vial of their blood with him, it's slightly magical properties can help normal humans to heal wounds or cure magical alignments such as curses from Ryu. 

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