Description Edit

The compendium is set of books containing four magical books that magically update their content with information from books on relevant subjects. Even though they only update them self with information from reliable sources they aren't always right, therefore some information in the compendium can be inaccurate. Ryu is currently the sould bound holder of these books. 

The Four Parts Edit

-The Herbalist: This book contains information about all plants, how to find them and their effects in alchemy. With this books help Ryu can better prepare poisons and oils to aid him in upcoming battles. 

-The Lore: This book contains information about history, maps and personal profiles. With this Ryu can get a basic idea of where he's going or who he's really talking to. 

-The Bestiary: Of the four books this is probably the most important one to Ryu. It contains information on every creature, monster or mythological being, along with weaknesses and how to face them. Ryu often reads this book to prepare himself for a upcoming fight. 

-The Craftsman: This book contains everything from recipes in alchemy to blueprints and guides on how to make swords. Ryu use this book to make simple weapons he can Enchant for special purposes.

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