Alt name: Magical Masks. Edit

Transformation masks are rare artifacts, most of these masks contains a soul that allows the wearer to transform into the being it was in life, though there are a few rare exceptions. The transformed host usually keep some of its traits while transformed, for example, if the mask's soul used to be a fat angelic creature and the weilder is a thin man, the angel he transform to will look like a hybrid between the two but still get the full power of the creature he transform into. Why some traits are kept during he transformation is unknown, but it's most likely due to the fact the wielded transform into a different race, therefore looking similar to how he would've looked if he'd be born as one of them from the start. There are a few different types of masks, sorted into categories to make classifying them simpler.

Variations Edit

Race masks: These masks contains the souls of a creature, often created if the creature wasn't able to achieve his goals in life and decides to let another man help him fulfill them for him. Therefore transforming into a mask to allow the user to transform into its race, in case they would need their powers. They weirder gains all the powers the race has during the time he wields the mask and is fully transformed into one of them. How these masks are able to create themselves out of the dying creatures body is unknown, possibly the work of a deity of some sort.

Power mask: A rarer type of the race masks, of the creature transformed did have any specific powers before its death its carried over to the mask through the soul. Like magical properties or odd abilities. 

God masks: these are the rarest and most powerful masks of them all, they contain powers from a god or even the trapped deity itself. They're incredibly powerful and are the only type of mask that doesn't require to have a soul, sometimes it's enough to only have fragments of it or be filled with the gods power.

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